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Morocco, Tanger

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Located to the extreme north-west of Africa, lies Morocco very close at Europe. Hardly 12 kilometres separates Morocco and Spain by the street of Gibraltar. To cross with the ferryboat from Spain last between the 30 minutes and the 2,5 hour. The road network is very well and reaches complete Morocco. The railway net has been concentrated in the north and the west and at large cities. Travelling by train is very comfortable and they generally drive on time
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Morocco   Morocco   Morocco   Morocco   Morocco

Those who visit the country will be under the impression of the splendid king cities, with their labyrinth of markets and loam district where African and Arab cultures melt together. Marrakech, Fes and Meknes belong to the most oriental cities in the world, which will find their equals in Cairo or Damascus. But also Tanger is worth while visiting.

The soeks (markets) are treasure chambers full colourfully painted earthenware, skilful woodcutting, precious carpets and heavy silver jewels. But you can also find sharp spices and sweet perfumes, illegal ivory or the skin of panther, which are traditional invoked by the Sahara by camel caravan from Timboektoe, mostly in exchange for salt and up to hundred years ago together with black slaves. Here the Islam rules and five times a day the air is pregnant from the recall to the prayer, the recall to bend deeply for Allah.

Holidays and events:
Important festivals are added lustre to round dancing, where women and men form separate rings. Dancing music is a certified recurrence of simple melodies, frequently in the form of question and answer, where the ring repeats what the chorister sings.
In the meantime the intensity of the music is growing by a gradual acceleration of rhythm. Gradually the dancers go up entirely in music and any form of trance is not uncommon.
Morocco has a number of festivals which returns each year, because they are season-tied harvest festivals. The exact dates vary slightly; the best thing is to inform at the tourist offices.
There are also the national holidays. These have fixed dates in our era.

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